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Premiered at SIAF 2009

A nourishing alternative to the multiplex
Far from the hustle and bustle of the multiplex, with their day glow sweet stalls and action packed blockbusters, there lies a more nourishing cinema experience. Carrot cake cinema is a term that journalists and marketing companies have used to describe non mainstream films and cinemas, which tend not to serve popcorn but always have a lovely selection of cakes on the menu. The term has become synonymous with arthouse, world cinema, community cinema, film festivals, low budget independent films, documentaries and classics from the archive - Everything, in-fact, that you can be sure will not be playing at your local multiplex.

CarrotCakeCinema was born out of the frustration of having to put up with my local cinema’s choice of rather obvious blockbusters and mainstream Hollywood fare. They screen very few foreign languages films, documentaries or independent releases, yet these types of film get released and attract glowing reviews every week. This is the case in small towns up and down the country.

Finally I decided to do something about it. I put myself on the BFI / ICO Programming Cultural Cinema course and learnt to become a cinema programmer. Soon I was helping Salisbury International Arts Festival and Salisbury Arts Centre develop and expand their film programme's including conducting post film talks after screenings. All the forthcoming and many of the previous screenings I have arranged are listed on this site.

I now have a day job with The Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury, where I programme around 250 film screenings a year on 35mm and state of the art HD Digital. From the biggest Hollywood must see's to the smallest of arthouse releases, I research every single film released in the UK (around 10 a week and growing) and programme the very best for our audience.

I also programme quality mainstream cinema for The Pound arts centre in Corsham, Wilts.

Upcoming screenings for theses venues are not detailed on this website, but can be found by following the links above.

Still Life

I've Loved You
So Long

If the people are tired of popcorn, let them eat cake
If you are interested in starting your own community film screenings, organising film based events or need help with cinema programming, audience development or post film talks, then I am here to help. Through relationships with UK distributors and a sound knowledge of film exhibition industry, film appreciation and entertainment event marketing, I can provide a complete cinema programming consultancy service including:

Sourcing and recommending films
Give me a theme, event, type of audience or any other criteria you have and I will produce a shortlist of potential films to screen.

Obtaining screening rights
Let me walk through the minefield of international screening rights on your behalf. Owning a film on DVD does not give you rights to show it to an audience, even if you are not charging them to see it. I have good relationships with distributors and have already managed to get permission to screen several films that have never had a UK release before.

Film studies (talks, workshops, screening notes, further viewing)
An important part of the service I provide is add value to screenings and help to develop cine literacy in audiences by conducting after show talks and producing study sheets, and suggested further viewing. As well as offing my own services as a speaker, I have organised many guest speakers including Directors, Producers, academic experts etc. Look at the previous screenings section for some examples.

Preparing marketing and publicity materials
I can produce brochure and poster/leaflet copy, source press quotes and images to use. I can also help you set up your own promotional website.

I will prepare press releases and other material and can make contact with local and national press, radio stations etc on your behalf.

Venue and technical liaison
Thinking of buying or hiring some equipment? Want to know if the equipment you already have can be used?

I have over 10 years of fundraising experience. Many cultural cinema activities are eligible for various grants schemes and I can help to develop and implement a funding strategy for you.

Please contact me for an informal chat about your requirements

Patrick Bliss