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The Festival is over for another year, the information below is for reference purposes only. The 2008 Festival will run from 23 May - 8 June 2008.

Salisbury International Arts Festival 25 May - 10 June 2007

During this year's Festival, in keeping with our geographic focus on Latin America, we bring you a season of critically acclaimed Latin American cinema showcasing a rich diversity of films from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay and Cuba. We are proud to bring you a number of exclusive presentations, advance previews and premieres, along with classic films from the archive and seldom seen lost gems.

The festival's artistic focus this year in on Movement, so look out for dazzling dance routines and beautifully choreographed camera work. We are also screening a couple of Water related films in acknowledgment of the festival's environmental focus on Water in 2007.

All films screen at Salisbury Arts Centre unless stated otherwise. Most films will be accompanied by optional talks, Q&A's or discussion groups.

Tango Friday 25 May @ 8pm
Tango, No Me Dejes Nunca (Tango) Cert 12a
One of the best films ever made about dance, Tango is a visually stunning examination of music and dance as a reflection of the human condition. More...
Happy Feet Sunday 27 May @ 10am
Happy Feet Cert U
Chill out this summer with some cool Latino penguins in this engrossing animated adventure. Warning: May cause toe tapping! More...

Sunday 27 May
Mexican flagMexican Film Day

11am: REdiscover free event. An introduction to Mexican film day by Ignacio Duran Loera, Mexico's Minister for cultural affairs and co-producer of highly acclaimed films such as Like Water for Chocolate.

Faith, Hope and charity

Mexican Film Day1pm
Exclusive Presentation:
Fe, Esperanza y Caridad (Faith, Hope and Charity) Cert 15
A rare opportunity to see this acclaimed trilogy of shorts by three different directors. More...

Duck Season Mexican Film Day4PM
Temporada de Patos (Duck Season) Cert 15
A bittersweet comedy about growing up, stylishly shot in black and white. More...
Benjamin's Woman Mexican film Day8pm
Exclusive Presentation:
Mujer de Benjamin (Benjamin’s Woman)
This saga of desire in a small Mexican town won seven international awards for best picture and was instrumental in triggering the new wave of Mexican cinema. More...
12 Angry Men Sunday 27 May @ 3pm and 4.30pm
Twelve Angry Men Cert U
Revisit this classic film starring Henry Fonda. Screening at Salisbury Playhouse to accompany the 12 Angry Cello's event. More...
Machuca Monday 28 May @ 8pm:
Machuca Cert 15
Based on the directors own childhood in 1970's Chile, it blends tumultuous political drama with a tender and sweetly funny coming of age tale. More...
Drowned Out Tuesday 29 May @ 7pm
Drowned Out Cert U
The true story of one families' stand against the building of the Narmada dam. Followed by talk and Q&A with Dan Glass, Namanda Valley volunteer. Also screening, a 10 minute short about water conservation made by Codford Youth Group. More...
Whisky Monday 04 June @ 3pm
Whisky Cert 15
In order to impress his visiting brother, Jacobo asks his assistant Marta to pretend to be his wife in this beautifully nuanced deadpan comedy. More...
The Method

Monday 04 June @ 8pm
Exclusive Advance Presentation:
El Metodo (The Method)
Be one of the first to see the film that is the talk of the festival circuit. Seven job applicants are pitted against each other in a contest that elicits fear, suspicion, paranoia and betrayal. More...

Play Thursday 07 June @ 8pm
Play Cert 15
Set in modern day Santiago, two strangers both search for love but never seem to find each other. More...

Saturday 09 June
Brazil DayBrazilian Film Day

11am: REdiscover free event. This day of Brazilian films will be introduced by Adriana Rouanet the Brazilian Embassy's cinema programmer and Brazilian Contemporary Arts Director for film.

How Angels are Born

Brazil Day12 Noon
Exclusive Presentation:
How Angels Are Born
An amusing yet tragic cinematic gem about two runaway street children. More...

Black Orpheus Brazil Day3pm
Orfeu Negro (Black Orpheus) Cert PG
A multi-award winning retelling of the classic story of Orpheus and Eurydice set against the dazzling backdrop of the Rio de Janeiro carnival. More....
Brave New land Brazil Flag5.15pm
UK Premier:
Brava Gente Brasileira (Brave New Land)
A Portuguese cartographer in the 18th century finds new forms of love, war and a wild new world when he falls in love with a beautiful young native woman. More..
To Play and to Fight Sunday 10 June @ 11.30am
Exclusive Presentation:
Tocar y Lucher (To Play and to Fight) Cert U
The story of an incredible network of Venezuelan orchestras designed to expose rural children to the wonders of music. More...
I am Cuba Sunday 10 June @ 1.30pm
Soy Cuba (I am Cuba) Cert PG
Hailed as one of the most visually stunning films ever made, this masterpiece cries out to be seen on the big screen. More...
Familia Rodante

Sunday 10 June @ 5pm
Familia Rodante (Rolling Family) Cert 12
A charming, intimate and hilarious road movie, similar in many ways to recent Oscar contender Little Miss Sunshine. More...